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LifeForce Healing + HeartMath

LifeForce Healing + HeartMath

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LifeForce Healing - (details listed under separate product) and monitoring with HeartMath Intelligence Technology

Practicing heart rhythm coherence to align your mind and emotions with your heart is important for boosting resilience, emotional balance and intuitive connection.

Introduction to HeartMath Technology, and it's benefits:

  • Provides heart rhythm coherence feedback and guides you to increase your coherence;

  • Slows down your mental/emotional vibratory rate which increases sensitivity to your heart’s intuitive feelings;

  • Helps you maintain focus and return to focus when it wavers;

  • With practice, raises your coherence baseline to provide a stronger carryover effect in your day-to-day choices;

  • As you develop an internal reference of what heart rhythm coherence feels like, you can more easily reset your system when you get strung out from overload or stress.

1) Install the  - application from the mobile store.
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