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LifeForce Healing Program

LifeForce Healing Program

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As a LifeForce Healer, I will assess and heal your energy field and subtle energies using various techniques such as scanning, intuitive sensing, or dowsing. Together we will design your LifeForce Healing Plan.

Lifeforce are energy centers located in our aura. They capture vital energy and distribute it all over the body. The energy that flows through the chakras may affect all aspects of our life, because they have a big responsibility for our health, balancing all our physical body. They stimulate our well being, our creativity, our emotional, psychological and energetic states.

If the chakras are misaligned or blocked, the energy correspondent of that chakra does not flow all over the body and we turn to be “deficient” by that energy. This may affect our energetic and immunological fields, because the chakras are all connected.

When a chakra fails, all of the other chakras get overloaded; and if there is any blockage existing for too long, the overloading in the other chakras may turn to physical, mental and emotional problems. 

The assessment helps identify any blockages, imbalances, or areas where the life force energy may be stagnant or depleted. Based on the assessment and your goals, I will develop a personalized treatment plan.
Your plan may include a combination of energy healing techniques, such as chakra balancing, aura cleansing, or other modalities tailored to your needs.
I will explain the techniques involved and how they can support your healing process. 

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